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Coffee in Wan Chai

Americano coffee at a trendy coffee shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong – ISO: 3200 | Aperture: f/11 | Exposure: 1/13 | Focal length: 55mm

Wan Chai gained a special reputation over time with sailors visiting the area for its night life.  During the Vietnam war, US troops made the location their favorite spot to take R&R while positioned in the area. Up until now it has kept this distinctive characteristic and is still nowadays famous for its special night life…

It has also become a busy shopping location with its proximity to Causeway Bay and the Times Square shopping area where you will always find taxis queuing at any time of the day or night.

Even though Wanchai is becoming more and more westernized, old buildings are still mixing up with modern skyscrapers and high rise constructions.  Trendy coffee shops and eating places are gradually replacing the old local Hong Kong dinners and food places.



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