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Köln City Landscape

Köln City Landscape – ISO: 100 | Aperture: f/22 | Exposure: 1/125 | Focal length: 14mm

This picture was taken in Köln in October 2015.  I was busy framing the view of the cathedral and the statue before it as seen on the photo with the camera on its tripod when this guy arrived.

He was first standing behind me and seemed interested into participating…  He eventually positioned himself right in the scene and stood there for quite some time until I decided to pack my gears and leave after trying engaging a discussion with him.  Unfortunately he didn’t seem to speak English.  After I was done packing and ready to leave he suddenly became very aggressive and started kicking stuff around him.  Trying a last attempt at communicating with him that was unsuccessful…  I then left to another spot.

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