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Tonlé Sap Sunset

Tonlé Sap sunset in Siem Reap, Cambodia – ISO: 100 | Aperture: f/22 | Exposure: 1/20 | Focal length: 16mm

The Tonlé Sap is a lake that is seasonably inundated.  It is attached to the river of the same name that connects to the Mekong.  Many tourists travelling the area make a spot there every day.

They made a business out their beautiful sunsets.  Tourists are being carried by boat to these platforms where they can watch the sunset.  Locals try to make the most out of this activity.  Either by selling whatever they can or because it creates more awareness of their extremely poor living conditions allowing many charities to launch initiatives.

Population in Cambodia is very young with nearly 70% of them under the age of 30.  Their living condition is extremely poor and there is a long way to go in order to recover the years lost with corruption and the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge genocide.

tonle sap sunset


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