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Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Ease of Use

Nice first bag from peak design !

The PeakDesign Everyday messenger bag does not disappoint on all the buzz it created as part of its very successful Kickstarter campaign. It comes with practical and smart innovations, the closing mechanism is working perfectly with one hand without having to look at it, the smart dividers really are smarter than the classical dividers from other bags and it is very durable. You will not be disappointed should you decide to get one. Just make sure to carefully choose the right size for your needs between the 15 and the more recent 13'' version.

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I received the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag late December 2015 as part of a $375 pledge on Kickstarter.  Pledge I had made made many months before.  After looking forward to it for so long I was quite excited when it eventually got there!  It came in a large cardboard box with a set of different accessories.  Some of these accessories included the Capture Pro Camera Clip, reviewed here, the Shell, the clutch.  I also received a pouch with the pledge.  It is a small accessory bag made out of the same fabric/material as the Messenger bag.

First Impressions

Overall the peak design Everyday Messenger bag breathes quality.  It looks good and durable – definitely more than expected.  I looked hard for small defaults or imperfections but have been unable to find any.

See the misaligned stitches?

And I did not have high hopes for the bag to be so well finished.  It is because on the main Kickstarter campaign page, peak design used a picture of a bag that had misaligned stitches on it.

Thousands of backers went to the Kickstarter campaign main page looking for information/pictures and updates.  Many people must have noticed these misaligned stitches and it must have lowered their expectations.  It did to me and it has created a good surprise in the end.  They succeeded at under promising and over delivering because of that…

Anyway, enough nitpicking!  Top quality material that feels good to touch and to look at.

Capacity & Packing

pd-em2-1-1024x683-1024x683-wmThe bag’s capacity is ranging from 8 to 18 liters thanks to the multi level magnetic latch.  It allows for a flexible carrying capacity depending on the number and volume of gears  you need to take with you.  The main panel with its MagLatch closure mechanism opens a wide and bright access to the inside of the bag.  Their smart dividers are also a nice innovation that makes it very practical to pack and pile up your cameras, lenses and accessories.  The fact they can fold to organise better makes the innovation.


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