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Lenspen Cleaning DSLR Pro Kit Review

Lenspen Cleaning DSLR Pro Kit

Ease of Use
Build Quality

No brainer...

Easy to use, small and light to carry, inexpensive. A must have cleaning kit in any camera accessory bag. Simply a no brainer cleaning tool!

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Lenspen Cleaning DSLR Pro Kit ReviewIntroduction

The Lenspen Cleaning DSLR Pro Kit is a set of 3 pen shaped lens cleaner that have an ultra soft brush on one side and a specific dust removal tool on the other.  The brush goes out of the pen with the dedicated side slider.  On the other side, there is a dust removal tool protected by a screwed on cap.

big-penFirst Impressions

Small, and all plastic built, Lenspen Cleaning DSLR Pro Kit pen could easily be mistaken for a regular pen, it is very light.  Whenever I have to get rid of dusts that don’t move with a blower, it does the job efficiently.  The dust removal tool is soft and allows to target a more specific part of the lens and works fine as well.

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Previous version of the lenspen, can still be found on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2av3ip6

Using it

Straight forward to use, it just feels natural to take it off its holding cloth and use it.  You slide the brush out to softly brush the lens in order to remove dusts and particles.  The other side of can always be used the pen for more sticky dirt that don’t get removed with the brush.  The previous version of the pen did not have a screwed on cap which made it loose.  As such it detached itself when carried around.   Therefore, lenspen-dslr-pro-kit-box-frontthis newer version with screwed on cap is a great improvement.

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