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Lowepro Passport Sling III Review

Lowepro Passport Sling III

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Looking for an affordable bag to help you carry your essential gear to discover a city or for sightseeing ? Look no further, the Lowepro Passport Sling III is light but in the meantime offers great protection for your expensive gear. Additionally it allows to carry a tripod and is very reasonably priced! What else ?

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How did I initially got my hands on the Lowepro Passport Sling III ?  Long weekend in Osaka, Japan (leaving from Hong Kong…).  The economy airline restricted the number of bags I could take.  As cabin luggage, I was only allowed to one backpack.  As such, deciding to take a large non dedicated camera backpack to make the most of the luggage restriction.  I put my camera w/ a few lenses carefully in between clothes.  Threw in a tripod and was all packed up to go.

Arrived in Osaka, unpacked my bag at the hotel and was getting ready to go out.  It is then that I realized I could not comfortably take the essential gear for the afternoon.  The large bag I took was not suited to carry a single camera with a lens or 2.  It was just too big to walk around the whole weekend.  So the need for a very light but secure and padded bag came.  And ideally one that could also accommodate carrying my tripod.  In addition it ideally also had to be soft and foldable to fit into a larger bag to fly back to HK!  Not exactly the easiest requirements for a single bag.

Off I went to a Bic Camera store.  Bic Camera is a multi-storey retailer in Japan.  They sell pretty much anything from high end watches to washing machines and everything in between, including floors dedicated to photography equipment.

I did not expect to actually find a small and affordable bag meeting the above requirements.  I was just looking for the cheapest bag allowing to carry  the minimum for sightseeing.  That’s how I bumped into the Lowepro Passport Sling III.


passport-sling-iii-right-profileFirst Impressions

Unlike many of their bags the Lowepro Passport Sling II is not all black and even has a bright color touch with its bright orange stitches around.  Otherwise it is all gray, a rather mid gray tone that seems to slightly go toward military green.  The inside is all light gray.  It is sling bag with a central zip opening wide on the inside.  The bag has a removable inside pouch / padded holder to place a camera body with a mounted lens +additional small lens.  It also has 2 external tight pockets, one on each side along the orange stitches.  As well as a larger and looser external pocket at the front.  Additionally it also has a padded compartment on the inside of the bag (inside the zip) allowing to securely carry a tablet.

The bag can fit a travel tripod on one of its side, along the back of the bag.  This immediately attracted me.  Many bags can carry a tripod but they usually do it by way of attaching it on the outside of the bag.  I left the tripod (Sirui t-025x) at the hotel so quickly went getting it to test the bag.  And the Sirui t025x did fit, very tight with the C-10x ball head attached but still fitting though!

Capacity & Packing

Lowepro Passport Sling III

The Lowepro Passport Sling III maximum capacity allows to carry:

  • 1 full frame DSLR bodywith a lens mounted (not the huge telephoto lens though 😉 )
  • +2 to 3 lenses
  • +another body with a lens mounted.
  • +1 small lens
    • +a tablet
    • +additional smaller accessories such as a blower, memory card box,…




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