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Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip Review

Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip

Ease of Use

Very handy... Another great tool from PD!

The Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip is working great. It allows to attach your camera securely and safely, it seems indestructible, is easy to put on pretty much anything, is great as a quick mount/unmount system on a tripod and is affordable for what it provides. Definitely a nice thingy to own. Thanks Peak Design!

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Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip Review from StillBinary.comThe Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip was unknown to me until I got the Sony a7r2.  Since I wanted to carry it around in a more convenient way, I started looking around at the different options available.  I had never heard of Peak Design when I saw their Capture Pro Camera Clip, in a shop in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

At first, I thought the design seemed to offer a lot of flexibility.  Beside attaching it to a belt, it can also be placed on a backpack/bag strap.  As well as on a tripod head.  Thus I decided to give it a try.

I eventually got a second one.  As part of pledge made for the Everyday Messenger bag, reviewed here.  It came with a set of accessories from Peak Design.

First Impressions

All metal build except the small lock/unlock mechanism, the Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip comes with a mounting plate to attach at the bottom of the camera.  It has 2 screws on it allowing to tighten it around a belt or whatever device you put it on.  It can also be mounted at the head of a tripod allowing for fast and secure mounting/unmounting of your camera.  The pro version is all metal built and comes with a larger all metal mounting plate to attach to your camera.

Dimensions & Weight

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