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The Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag – First Impressions / Review

The Everyday Messenger bag from Peak Design arrived late December as part of a $375 pledge on Kickstarter.

Overall the bag breathes quality – definitely more than expected.  I looked hard for small defaults or imperfections but have been unable to find any.

The main reason why I did not have high hopes for the bag to be so well finished is because on the main Kickstarter campaign page, Peak Design used a picture of bag that had misaligned stitches on it.  You can clearly see that they are wrongly aligned compared to the marks they should be on, see picture below.

Thousands of backers went to the Kickstarter campaign main page looking for information/pictures and updates.  Many people must have noticed these misaligned stitches and it must have lower their expectations, at least for some as it did to me.

See below, this is a zoomed in view of what I am referring to about these misaligned stitches :

Kickstarter campaign EMB stitches large
Screenshot from the Kickstarter campaign for the Everyday Messenger bag from Peak Design


Kickstarter campaign EMB stitches zoomedin
See the unaligned stitches ?


Anyway, enough nitpicking, in the end the final product simply definitely over delivered…  Excellent finishing, top quality materials that feel good to touch and look at +nice innovations from PeakDesign.

A more detailed review will follow.


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