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Peak Design Slide Sling Review

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A no brainer. Practical, stylish and safe to carry your expensive gears.

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The Slide Camera Sling in its Tallac edition came as part of a $375 pledge on Kickstarter.  I made the pledge for the Everyday Messenger bag reviewed here.

The strap uses the smart anchoring system from peak design.  When I received this tallac slide sling, I was already using the same sling from Peak Design.  Although in a different color (black).  I previously bought it separately in a shop in Hong Kong.  So I already knew the thing using it for over 3 months before getting this different color.

First Impressions

It is nicely made with the use of a strong mesh similar to the material used for the safety belt in planes.  It has 2 size adjustment mechanisms allowing to smoothly change the length of the sling by sliding them along the mesh.

On each side, there is an anchor point allowing to attach your camera.  In order to do so, it comes with a plate to put under your camera to which you can attach one of the anchor links coming with it.  It’s strongly built with thick fabric strongly stitched together.

I think it looks great compared to other slide/straps from other brands.  They usually all black most of the time so a little bit of color is nice this time.

Peak Design Slide Sling Review from StillBinary.com

Using it

You first need set it up properly.  In order to do so, you must screw the plate at the bottom of your camera.  Then you must attach 2 anchor points.  One on the plate and one on one of the side of your camera.  It is quick and easy.

Once the anchor points are attached, you can slide them in the anchor female receiver on the sling itself.  Doing it fast enough makes a comforting click sound that guarantees you a secure link.  Around your neck, you can easily slide the size adjustment handle to make it fit tighter or looser around your body.

The Peak Design Slide Sling works well.  It is very secure and it is nicely finished.  The material used feels very durable.  It is nice to be able to quickly grab it and attach it to a camera when going out or simply needing to secure a camera.


Peak Design Slide Peaks Edition Tallac Padded Camera Mount, Blue

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